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Pets as Narrative Device on Keeping up with the Kardashians

In our presentation for Brunel University's fall 2021 Kimposium we explore the ways that pets function as a narrative device in the world of KUWTK and while simultaneously complicating the show’s proximity to reality and the family’s proximity to us (normal people with maybe a couple of pets).

Around the World in Pet Cemeteries 

For the inaugural Lifting the Lid festival which explores death from all angles, we offered a tour of iconic pet cemeteries around the globe, exploring the social and cultural values that brought them into existence, with a particular focus on the interaction between women's rights and animal rights movements in late 19th Century France. 

Mourning Talk Show Episode 1: Clone Kitty 

Kelly Anderson, better known by her handle @clonekitty has become well-known on the internet for sharing her life with cloned kitten Belle, who was cloned from her prior cat Chai, who died suddenly in 2017. We talked with her about grieving and memorializing Chai, deciding to clone her and the highs and lows of sharing her experience so publicly. 

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