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About Dead Pet Girls

What is this?

Well, what started as a quick Instagram DM about the art of Miley Cyrus's odes to her dead pets quickly turned into a point of fascination about the place of pet mourning in popular culture. Grief is an essential part of the human experience, but little is said about pet death. Yet, around the world incredible memorials and graveyards dedicated to pets exist. 

A little bit funny, a little bit sad, and a bit sentimental with a dash of camp and counterculture, these spaces can tell us a great deal about individual and social values. The ways that excessive shows of loved for our dearly departed companions 

Stick around for tales of space dogs, women who shaped modern art, princesses and lions, the Queen and her corgis, and so much more. 

Who knew there were so many stories to be told about dead pets?

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Who are we?


We are a duo brought together through a History of Art class, a mutual love of Miley Cyrus and being cat moms.

Cat Dorman is a curator and writer currently based in Washington, DC with her two cats, Stevie and Louise. When she's not researching topics surrounding the intersections of art, pets, and feminism, she's trying to determine her stance on poltergeists (currently a believer). She survives her deceased cats Max, Minnie, Marie, hamster Duchess and fish Annie and Pudd (x4). 

Steff Boulton is a documentary producer in London. She is of course longing to make it big time with a Netflix series on the global mourning of pets. She lives with her cat Cassius Earl Grey I, puppy Hector and survives her dog Henry, rabbits Tippy and Lola and fish Flipper and Dipper. 

Together we are Dead Pet Girls x

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