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For Princess: Grieving a Childhood Pet

When you ask a four year old what she wants to name her new kitten, of course the answer is Princess. Born on December 23rd, 2006, Princess entered the world and my life. I had known her longer than my own baby sister. I would dress her up, whisper secrets to her, anything and everything. She was an easygoing girl.

In 2017 we left her with my grandma because we were moving across the country, and knew her anxiety wouldn’t be able to stomach the flight. But that only lasted six months before coming right back home to her. She became much happier, meowing and playing throughout the night, carrying toys up to my mom’s room. She loved to beg for sugar cookies and get on the table if you had milk.

For her Sweet 16 we bought her a wicker basket in the shape of a car, drew her a license, and took pictures of her pouting with a party hat on her head. She was so full of life, and the perfect cat for a household of girls.

My sister called to say Princess had a seizure. They went to the emergency vet and were cleared to go home, but before I got the chance to skip class I said goodbye to my Princess over video chat. 

My heart aches over the loss of the sweetest baby there ever was. We buried her in the backyard with some of her favorite toys, and I was able to kiss her head one last time.

I have dreams of her coming to me, and it breaks my heart to not hear her meow. That when I sleep on the couch at my mom’s house, she’ll never be peaking around the corner, contemplating to lay with me.

I miss my Princess more than anything.

(Below is Alexandra Patton's linocut print of her three cats with Princess in the middle, floating in constellations together forever!)

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